Whale watching season is here. We are so lucky to have been whale watching twice, once on the Quick Cat II and again on the Spirit of Hervey Bay.

Both trips were amazing and loved by our 4 year old. 

The Quick Cat is the smaller of the boats and I felt we got a little closer to the whales on this boat however the The spirit of Hervey Bay has an underwater viewing room where you can come eye to eye with a humpback whale.

We were really blessed on each of our trips to see an abundance of whales.

The feeling of seeing this huge creature in the wild is like nothing else. My son was very emotional the first whale we saw. He enjoyed the game of trying to spot them off at a distance and then wondering where they would appear or breach. He sang songs for the whales and loved when the Spirit of Hervey Bay broadcast the whale’s song on the loud speaker.

The trip gave our son a lot of respect for our oceans and marine creatures. We saw Whales breaching and tail slapping, we were lucky and saw a rare double breach. We saw adults and new born baby whales. We also got great views of Fraser Island on our way out to sea.
Our whole family loved this experience, so much so that we decided to do it twice. 

On each of our trips we saw at least 3 pods of whales. An amazing day out. Highly recommended but be sure to take warm clothes, its gets cold out there on the ocean. 

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