Last night we were very lucky enough to have tickets to the Walking with Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular. We missed out last tour so we were very excited to learn that this prehistoric pack were back in town. 

Firstly, on to the tickets, we purchased A reserve (the more expensive of ticket options) we were happy with our seats but in reality, after seeing the size of 95% of the dinosaurs in the show, we could have sat anywhere in the stadium and seen everything.

What we thought; LOVED IT! my son says that Walking with Dinosaurs is better than all of the Transformer cartoons and meeting the Transformers last weekend and trust me that is a BIG deal. The show was very entertaining for adults also. The scale of the Dinosaurs is really impressive and the show is really engrossing for kids, the paleontologist narrator says he will take us on a journey back millions of years in time, at the end of the show my son asked if we were back in ‘the now time’ just goes to show, the story was very believable for kids. This morning he has talked about nothing else, I even got woken up in the middle of the night to talk about Baby T-Rex.

Age appropriate; I have heard a lot of people asking if Walking with Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular is age appropriate for their 2,3,4,5 or something year old. The answer for the most part will be yes. There is nothing gruesome in the show, there are a few battles between Carnivores and Herbivores but the end results are somewhat glossed over, older kids may understand the fate of the not so lucky dino, but little ones wouldn’t. The only issue for very young children that I can see, would be the noise factor and a couple of frights; when the mummy T Rex appears her roar is extremely loud and she is quite scary and there is also a storm scene with an incredibly loud bang. I was sitting between my 5 year old and a little boy who was 2.5 years old, both he and my son leapt a fair way out of the their seats those couple of times but, beyond that they both loved the show. Very small babies I should imagine would be frightened by the lights and loud noises. 

If you get the opportunity to go, please do. I debated it long and hard as the tickets are not cheap, but it’s a night out my son will remember for a very long time to come and those memories are priceless. 

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