While Singapore Studios may seem more geared toward thrill seekers there is still plenty for younger visitors to see and do.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for Universal Studios Singapore with kids under 5.

Madagascar Crate Adventure.

This ride is a slow boat ride showing the story of Madagascar (the first movie). The ride is slow but it is dark in here. My son hates the dark but wasn’t worried by this ride. There are one or two little scares that give a startle but nothing nightmare inducing.

King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round is a Madagascar themed Carousel. On the day we visited the queues for this ride were minimal all morning and into the early afternoon meaning this lucky mum got to ride 5 or 6 times…. Kids will love picking a different character each ride. All the Madagascar favourites are included.

Ride in a pterodactyl! This ride is gentle and reasonably slow. Kids control how high (or not) the ride goes with a button in each Pterodactyl. This is the friendliest ride for younger kids in the Jurassic Park area of USS. Small children will also love meeting Dianne the baby Triceratops puppet at the entrance to Jurassic Park.

This small Ferris wheel is located indoors at the very back of the Fairy Godmothers Magic Potion shop. This ride is suitable for young ones. It isn’t high or fast. This ride also provides a good opportunity for a cool down in the air-conditioning of the shop.

This show is lovely and perfect for young ones (my 6 year old loved it too.) The Sesame Street gang sing and dance about what they will be when they grow up. Try to get a seat near the steps that lead up to the stage as the characters do come up and down those stairs and there is a chance you will get a high five or a cuddle if you’re in the seat at the base of the steps.

There is more than enough to keep young visitors entertained at Universal Studios Singapore, There are musical and dancing performances and character meet and greets throughout the day and throughout the park. Thumbs up for kids of all ages!

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