I really debated whether to visit Universal Studios Singapore, I’d read so many reviews stating that the lines for attractions were ridiculously long, the park was small and not worth the admission and the list went on. We have visited Singapore so many times that it seemed silly not to at least give it a try and so we recently found ourselves at Universal Singapore.

We arrived early to await opening of the park, at approximately 30 minutes before the gates opened and there were around 30 people ahead of us in each line already. The waiting area is undercover if you are near to the front of the line so you aren’t in the sun but bring a cool drink because it is hot!  Our strategy for theme parks (especially in hot climates) is always to get in early and avoid the major crowds of the day and that is a necessity here.

On opening we headed straight for the rides we were interested in and got on all with no queues. The line for the Transformer ride and the Battlestar Galactica rides do seem to start building virtually on opening of the park so be sure to go there first if they are on your to do list. Not all areas of the park open at 10am when the park opens. Jurassic Park didn’t open until 11am on our visit and by 11am there was a crowd at the gates of Jurassic Park waiting to get in.

I didn’t find the queue times long at all, by afternoon yes there were long queues but honestly I haven’t seen a theme park that doesn’t have long ride wait times by the afternoons.  In a single day we were able to ride the rides we wanted (my son is still small and not a great fan of thrill rides so we didn’t have to queue for the big ones) saw all of the shows on offer and did each of the scheduled character meet and greets. The park is small so its not huge walking distances but the heat is exhausting if you aren’t used to it.  Some areas are lacking in shade; The Madagascar Boogie show has you standing in full sun as does The Dance for The Magic Beans which is tough on young ones. Make sure kids have sun hats and sun cream on, hot is an understatement.

The Waterworld show is all action; there are boats, jet skis, planes, flames, explosions and shooting. The show is great but if your children are adverse to loud noises or scared of fire etc. give it a miss. My son liked the show but was freaked our several times during the performance when there was a lot of screaming and things were on fire and exploding so consider carefully if this show is for you. All of the other shows were really child friendly little ones will love both of the Sesame Street shows. Donkey Live is an interactive show where audience members get to talk to Donkey and converse with him. My son loved it when Donkey told him they were new best friends.

By mid afternoon the park is rather crowded so if you are going to visit I would highly recommend doing so on opening time. The weather also heats up by afternoon and you may find your little ones craving a swim back at the hotel.

By all accounts visiting mid week is far better for crowds than a weekend, avoid school holidays too.
One aspect I did find slightly disappointing is that if you do visit mid week you miss the fireworks and parade which are only offered on a weekend however admission is no cheaper midweek.

Admission prices for the park are fairly standard for major theme parks, they are Adults $74 Singapore and $54 for kids, slightly higher than Legoland Malaysia just over the bridge but not outrageous.

Am I glad we visited? Absolutely, my son really enjoyed the park and although not a fan of the bigger thrill rides there was plenty for him to do. We enjoyed the shows and meeting the Minions and Bumblebee were huge highlights for him (I think if left up to him, he would have gladly coughed up the admission price just to cuddle Bob and Stuart). We left the park around 3pm hot and tired and filled with fun memories.

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  1. Cleveland Myers Reply

    Our kids love the minions. I wonder would they still be there.

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      As far as I’m aware the minions are a permanent fixture. My son was so so impressed with the minions and thought it was so funny that Bob wouldn’t stop dancing 🙂

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Penny,
      I would go back in a couple of years so my son was older and able to experience different rides and shows as he gets older, braver and taller

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