If you have a spare afternoon during your Bali trip head down to the Bali Sea Turtle Society on Kuta Beach to view and/or participate in the baby sea turtle release program.

BSTS rescue and protect sea turtle eggs that are laid on Kuta Beach and once hatched they run a release program.

If you’re lucky, you can participate in releasing one of these adorable little cuties back into the ocean. Check the Sea Turtle Societies facebook page to check if there is a release occurring on your visit dates.

To locate BSTS simply walk along Kuta Beach (from the Hard Rock enter Kuta beach and turn left.) Walk until you find this giant turtle and you’re in the correct place.

Collect a token at the appointed time. Beware tokens do run out so be sure to arrive a little early to avoid missing out. During our stay token collection was around 2.30 or 3 in the afternoons. Even if you miss out on a release it’s cute to come and watch the babies hatching from their eggs at the big BSTS turtle or in the sand pits in front of the turtle.

At around 4pm everyone with a token carries their sea turtle down to the shore (in a container, no touching the turtles) and they are all released on mass onto the sand to race into the ocean.

This activity is free but please please make a donation to help these amazing volunteers continue to help our little flippered friends.


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