We fell in love with the Hard Rock Hotel Bali. If you’re looking for a reason to splurge a little and stay at the Hard Rock, Here are 5;

1. The pools. The pools of the Hard Rock are among the best in Bali.  There is a sand bottomed beach area, pools with water slides, a swim up bar, basketball and volleyball nets, kids splash water park and a chill out pool. Be warned, its hard to get kids out of these pools. You may not want to leave.

Your little ones can feel like a rock star in their hotel room. Head to guest services and choose a Fender from the guitar menu and it will be delivered and set up in your hotel room (don’t worry mum’s and dad’s, the Hard Rock arent silly, the guitar comes with headphones.) The service is free for hotel guests just pay a deposit and you’re ready to rock out in the comfort in your room.
Hard Rock properties are known for their rock memorabilia and the Hard Rock Hotel Bali does not let the team down. My son loved wandering the hallways checking out guitars belonging to legends. (ACDC’s was his fave)There are plenty of other reasons to stay at the Hard Rock and you can read more in our full review coming very soon.


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