5. Get to the zoo early, be there when it opens at 8.30, you will virtually have the place to yourself. Make your way straight towards Inuka the Polar Bear and while there is no one else around watch him play and interact with your child, on our visit my son was putting his hands up on the glass and Inuka was swimming up to push off them with his feet, if my son ran in one direction Inuka chased and then did a flip off the glass and came back. He was beautifully playful at this time of morning and as there was no one else around it was a very special intimate experience for us to enjoy with him.

4. Bring the kids bathers (or a change of clothes) so they can cool of in the water play area of The Rainforest Kidzworld. Singapore is a hot and sweaty climate a cool off in the middle of the day will give the kids the break they need to be able to keep going.  There is a slide, water bucket, sprinklers. Its a great area for kids to let loose for a while and cool down, its also dangerously close to the ice cream store if you or the kids feel they need a further temperature drop. There is also a carousel in this area, treat the kids to a ride on a zoo animal or even a triceratops.

3. Make use of all the different transport options available to you. The weather will be hot and steamy so make the most of the chance to have a seat and enjoy the view. You can take a tram around the zoo, have a horse and cart ride, pony ride and even a boat trip.

2. Hand feed the Giraffes. There are 2 Giraffe feeding sessions a day that you can participate in. Feed costs $5 per person for a tray of a few pieces of veg so each person gets to feed the Giraffe several times. Be sure to queue up early as in our group a number of people did miss out. This is a lovely experience and gentle enough for even very small children to do.

1. Have breakfast with the Orangutans and ask for a table right at the front. We had the best table in the house and it really made the experience amazing, so take the chance arrive early and ask if you can have it.
Tickets are $33 per adult and kids 6-12 are $23, Children under 6 are free which makes this a good value buffet if you have little ones. You are given around 30 minutes to eat before the animals begin arriving.  The meal consists of all the breakfast faves you would expect to find at your hotel. Zoo keepers will bring down some reptiles for anyone who would like a hold and a photo. Once the Orangutans arrive (there may be a lot or a few as the primates themselves are the ones that choose if they feel like it or not) everyone is invited to line up to have your photo taken right in front of them. They are happily munching away on their breakfast while the humans have theirs and snap pics. This was a lovely start to the day.

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