Is Hong Kong Suitable for Single Parent Travel?

Hong Kong is a perfect destination for solo parent travellers. Hong Kong is very multicultural and English is widely spoken. Locals are so used to visitors that they wont even glance at you twice if you’re on your own with little ones.

Hong Kong is easy to navigate, has plenty of great attractions for visiting families and is a great jumping off point for mainland China or Macau.

Are any extra documents required for Single Parent Travel to Hong Kong?

I was not asked to present any additional documents just the arrival card handed out on the flight and our passports.

As always please be prepared and ensure you can show you have the non travelling parents consent by way of letter or court documents.

What reaction do solo parent travellers receive?

Absolutely no reaction. Hong Kong is full off expats from all nations many people will assume you live here. Not one person asked if we were on our own or commented on that fact.

Have I ever felt uncomfortable?

Not at all. Like any traveller anywhere; make safe decisions but Hong Kong is a safe city (considered to be in the top 20 safest in the world or so my friend google tells me) and at no point did we feel otherwise. Streets are busy and well lit until well into the night, businesses remain open late and there are always people around.

Travel Budget:

Hong Kong is not a cheap city for accommodation, this is no South East Asian budget destination but good deals can be found. Book early where possible and look around for good deals as in some cases we saw room rates vary by up to $80 for a night for the same room.

We stayed at both the Rosedale and New World Millennium hotels and would recommend both if they suit your budget.

Aside from accommodation expenses what is Hong Kong like? We found prices reasonable but not bargain. Disneyland is affordable compared with the other parks worldwide. Food prices can be very reasonable if you are eating locally and public transport is affordable and very very efficient.


We love Hong Kong, its a perfect location for family holidays. Kids will love the markets, Ocean Park theme park and of course Hong Kong Disneyland.


Do make the most of public transport in Hong Kong, this will make your trip much much more affordable than using taxis. Trains are frequent, fast and really clean not to mention so easy to navigate. Do shop around for hotel prices, room rates vary hugely here!


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