Is a cruise holiday suitable for single parent holidays?

Sure is! Taking a cruise as a single parent is a really really easy holiday option. You only need to unpack once to visit several countries, there is no transport to arrange, cruises also offer activities and kids club for the little ones so you have a chance to take some time for yourself and relax.  One slight downfall for solo parent travelers is the inability to get a sitter to your room if you would like to go out to a show or nightclub etc. ( I can of course understand the logistics of why) There is however evening care available in the kids club but it means a late night for the kids and your fun has to end by around 10 or 11pm dependent on the Cruise company and ship.

Are any extra documents required for Single Parent Travel?

This depends on your destination, be sure to check the regulations of each country your itinerary has you visiting for their regulations on this. I always recommend travelling with written confirmation that you have consent from the other non travelling parent. You can read more about that in Documents for Single Parent travel. 

What reaction do single parent travellers get?

Zero, no one will even know you are your own. This is the beauty of cruising I guess, you are in a giant floating hotel.

Have I ever felt uncomfortable?

No, I did find I felt a little isolated at night when many of the shows were on and I was stuck in our room with a sleeping child but for the most part I just took him with me or he stayed at kids club until he was beyond tired and then we called it a night.

Travel Budget; Cruises can offer a great budget way to visit more than one destination, no flights to pay for, no extra transport costs, food and drink is included as are the kids activities on the ship and entertainment. It can be hard to beat the price of cruising if you add up the cost of travel on land with flights, accommodation, meals and entertainment often cruise prices come in way below this.  Kids also often travel at a heavily reduced rate adding to the bargain factor of cruising.

Tips; Cruising is super easy on your own with kids. If you are looking for a way to ease yourself into solo parent traveling a cruise can be a perfect way to start adventuring on your own with kids. I would recommend a cruise as a great first trip to build your confidence.

Happy Sailing!

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