Is Bali Suitable for Single Parent Travel?

Bali is a perfect low cost holiday option especially for Australian families given the proximity and frequent cheap flights to Bali.

There are enough family friendly attractions to keep you busy or just chill in the sunshine. Family friendly resorts are in abundance and the Balinese are so friendly and caring towards kids.

Are any extra documents required for Single Parent Travel to Bali?

We were not asked for any confirmation that I had consent from my sons other parent to travel but I have had friends asked to provide proof on this journey so best to be organised and have a letter from your child’s other guardian or court orders to show you have consent.

What reaction do solo parent travellers get?

Most people that commented on the fact I was a solo mother simply asked ‘just you two?’ and that was the extent of it. Several taxi drivers delighted in telling me stories of other ‘western women’ who are now happily married to Balinese men and maybe I could get a new husband. Everyone was very kind and there was no judgement or feelings of discomfort.

Have I ever felt uncomfortable?

No, on Kuta beach one afternoon a lovely ice cream seller came and suggested my son and I move from where we were as some people had been drinking too many Bintang (beers) and he was concerned they would be roudy. This is demonstrative of how kind, caring and concerned the Balinese are for people. They are such kind people, when my son became unwell with Bali Belly during our visit all the hotel staff inquired constantly about his health and were so keen to assist in any way they could. So, no I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable.

Travel Budget:

Bali is very very easy to travel on a budget. Hotels range in price from a few dollars a night for a basic basic room through to the most mind blowing villas, what ever your budget Bali has accommodation and facilities to suit. We loved the Hard Rock Hotel for a splurge with so much for little ones to do.


Bali is a great quick easy break for Australian visitors, English is widely spoken so communicating is easy, prices on the island for food and transport are really reasonable and there are plenty of activities to keep little ones happy. Bali is the perfect destination to escape Australian winter.


Bring medicines like Hydralyte and Paracetamol from home for just in case scenarios as these can be quite expensive on the island. Make sure you also check out the free baby sea turtle release program on Kuta Beach its a lovely highlight your kids won’t forget in a hurry.


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  1. Andrea Trevors Reply

    I adore Bali I didn’t know about the turtles. We will have to do that next trip. Did you have to be quiet as my little one is very vocal and is likely to squeal if he saw a turtle

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      No one was overly quiet Andrea so I’m sure he would be ok. Enjoy!!

  2. We looooove Bali.The people are just lovely. Cant wait to go again

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      They are such beautiful people. We love Bali too

  3. Pat and Vic Reply

    We go to Bali every three months. It is so cheap and fares are great too. Brilliant place. We always have a few days in Ubud too

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      We love Ubud, its so different to the beach areas of Bali

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