Singapore, wow where to start… my son has been to Singapore 4 times now as well as a trip in utero. I first travelled to Singapore as a teenager myself and really there is no easier destination for those with kids in tow. Singapore is clean, easy to get around, has a great airport, a city filled with great attractions and sights to see, the food is varied and amazing, the shopping marvelous and its a great gateway to the rest of Asia and a popular stop off point between the hemispheres. Singapore with kids is a delight!

We have stayed at a number of hotels in Singapore; The Holiday Inn Outram Road, The Holiday Inn Orchard city centre, Riverview hotel and Royal Plaza on Scotts as well as spending time at the Transit Hotel at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Each of these hotels has been more than acceptable and each has its own range of benefits…more on these later.

I am a huge fan of Singapore Zoo and Riverwalk it’s really one of the best zoo’s in the world in my opinion, it has much less of a zoo feel than most as the enclosures are very natural in appearance. We recommend the Jungle Breakfast with Orangutans as a great way to start your day at the zoo, in the afternoon head back to your hotel for a rest before taking in the Jungle Night Safari.

For theme parks, rides and amusements (and a beach) head to Sentosa island. Home to Universal Studios Singapore and a range of other family oriented activities such as Madame Tusauds or to relax sit and have pizza on the beach while the kids play. Underwaterworld Singapore and Dolphin Lagoon is a good place to get out of the heat, for an additional fee kids can have their photo taken with a pink dolphin or hand feed the large manta rays their breakfast, there are a few hands on exhibits that keep the kids entertained and you will welcome the respite from the heat. There is a multitude of fun to be had at Sentosa but be forewarned nothing here is cheap if you plan to participate in a few activities or visit several attractions there are passes available which can improve the value.

There are numerous river cruises available in Singapore but you can save yourself around $15 each by taking a simple river taxi up and down the river, these boats take the same route as the cruise, they are comfortable and the drivers are mostly happy to tell you about the areas if you ask. My son was even allowed to drive the boat and the driver was only too happy to take pics of us at landmarks. We generally take the river taxi from the area behind the River side hotel down to Marina Bay Sands. From the water you get amazing views of the city, the Merlion statue, Marina Bay Sands and the water breezes are refreshing. The area along the River is filled with restaurants, cafe’s and bars and is lovely for an evening stroll.

On the subject of Marina Bay Sands this is where you will want to get off your water taxi to visit the Gardens By the Bay attraction. This amazing gardens are considered by many to be best viewed at night but these futuristic gardens are a wonderful sight at any time of day.

While you are in the area check out what exhibitions are being held at the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay, we have been fortunate enough to be in town to catch the amazing Dinosaurs from Dawn to Extinction exhibition and the Egyptian Mummies. The Shops are Marina Bay Sands are mostly designer label but there is a food court on the lower levels with lots of good options if you are needing a bite to eat.

My favourite thing to do in Singapore is just explore, wander the shopping areas of Orchard Road or Little India, admire the old Chinese shop houses, get lost; the transport systems are so easy to navigate in Singapore you will be back to your base before you know it. Singapore feels incredibly safe, its vibrant and warm and fun and busy, its a great city. With budget airlines now flying into Singapore and many full service airlines using Singapore as a refueling point its also a perfect stop off point for the rest of Asia or travels further afield.

If you are in Singapore for a brief transit stop, free transit tours are offered at Changi airport or the airport itself offers enough to entertain you for a day. There is a cinema, playgrounds, massage, outdoor bar/cafe, numerous dining and shopping options and a butterfly garden AND the Transit hotel has a swimming pool for kids to splash around and get tired out before your next flight.

Legoland Malaysia is also easily accessible from Singapore or take a day shopping trip to the outlet stores in Johor Bahru. Visit Bintan or Batam islands if you want a little relax time (without Singapore’s price tag)…when you are talking about Singapore, the possibilities are endless.



  1. Trevor Smith Reply

    We were there about five years ago. I wonder has it changed a lot?

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      I have been to Singapore numerous times over the last 20 years and although it changes and the buildings grow it somehow seems to still stay the same just more grown up and somehow more efficient. I love that little city

  2. Lego lover Reply

    How did your son cope with the heat when you went to lego land?

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Lego Lover,
      We took umbrellas for shade and frozen water bottles which quickly thawed but were nice to use for cooling down. We broke up the rides with stops under the misting fans and ducking into Air Conned shops/ restaurants. We spent time in the indoor exhibits like Star Wars, the Ninjago puppet show and the 4d cinema everytime the heat got too much. The LEGOLAND park map actually shows you where you can find air conditioned coolness throughout the park. If you have passes for the water park too you can go straight from one park to the other so can cool down in the water park and then back into LEGOLAND. Enjoy your visit

  3. Do you use public transport when you travel alone? Dont you feel worried?

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Amamnda, yes we absolutely use public transport on our adventures. In Singapore I feel completely safe. If you are concerned about public transport taxis are reasonable in Singapore. We have used public transport all over Asia and aside from getting lost a few times we have had great experiences.

  4. Travell ingredients Reply

    You and your son are such an inspiration I sure hope I can keep traveling once we have kids

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Thanks Travell Ingredients, there is absolutely no reason you cant keep travelling with kids. They make it a whole new experience.

  5. I’ve heard shopping is good but other people say it’s too expensive. How did you find prices

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Matilda,
      Singapore can be expensive but other items can be good value. You can find some great deals on electronics and if you feel like shopping up a storm there are big duty free shopping outlets across the Malaysian border in JB which is an easy day trip from Singapore. Enjoy your trip

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Mitchell,
      I would not recommend hiring a car in Singapore, taxis and buses are plentiful and the train system is hugely efficient. I’ve never actually heard of anyone renting a car. Singapore is very small and easy to get around. I’m sure parking costs and tolls etc would make the cost of hiring a car prohibitive.
      Happy planning

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Adam,
      Yes I have been to Raffertys although many moons ago and not with kids. Are you thinking of going?


    That jungle breakfast looks amazing. I would love to be that close to Orangutan

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Tracey,
      It was a great experience we felt very lucky to be so close to them

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Tracey,
      My favourite was the Atrium one.

  7. Are kids meals affordable. We have two very fussy eaters and sometimes have to buy something else if they won’t eat their meal. Can you just get plain salads and fruit?

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Ordy,
      My son is quite the fussy eater too. Do not stress there are an abundance of food options in Singapore, you can get plain rice or noodles almost everywhere, most places have chips at worst case scenario and 7-11s have bakery type goods, yoghurts, fruit etc. There are also the American fast food chains like McDonalds. Starbucks sells muffins, croissants, sandwiches etc. You will be fine!

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