One of our ‘MRainbow Springs Rotoruaust do’ activities for our time in New Zealand was to see the Kiwi so we visited Rainbow Springs in Rotorua.

All visitors to the park can see the Kiwi but we opted to do the Kiwi Experience tour which gives a behind the scenes look at what goes on with Rainbow Springs hatching program and conservation efforts to save the Kiwi.

We arrived early and checked out the park. There are birds, reptiles and fish on display as well as a fabulous playground and café and even a waterfall and natural spring. There is a log splash style ride which you can ride as many times as you wish (but beware you may get very wet.)

Rainbow Springs is also home to the Tuatara lizard which is as old as the dinosaurs so my little dinosaur fanatic was super excited to see them.

Tuatara - Rainbow Springs

For bird lovers the park has a host of impressive feathered folks to check out and a bird show in which macaw, parrots and cockatoos perform a range of tricks. My son had a good giggle at the uncooperative Cockatoo and awed at the Macaw.

Rainbow Springs Rotorua

There is plenty of shade in the park and many paths are lined with the massive redwoods which are famous in Rotorua.

Rainbow Springs Rotorua

Soon the time came for our tour, unfortunately you cannot take pictures of the Kiwi so I cannot show you the experience in images. We were taken behind the scenes and learned more about the breeding of the Kiwi, predators which are threatening their survival and the hatching through to release program the Rainbow Springs runs.

On our tour we were very lucky to witness the vet weighing the Kiwi eggs AND we saw one little wriggling beak poking out of an egg beginning hatching. My son thought it was the cutest thing he’d seen in a long long time…until we went through the next doorway that is…..

Our timing was perfect, we were just in time to see the vet check on 2 baby Kiwi hatchlings. The vet weighed the chicks and checked them over and was kind enough to bring them up to the glass so we could get a good view of the chicks. Let me tell you they are super cute. (please note everything you see on the behind the scenes tour is behind glass to protect the health of the Kiwi.) Seeing the babies was an absolute highlight for us.

Rainbow Springs Rotorua

Our tour ended and we were free to explore the park further.
We checked out the Kiwi’s nocturnal enclosure which is kept in almost complete darkness but we were able to see Kiwi running around, foraging and eating. I feel Rainbow Springs was the easiest place in Rotorua for kids to see the Kiwi clearly. Tickets to Rainbow Springs are also valid to come back later the same day to see the Kiwi at night as they wake up.

Getting to Rainbow Springs was simple. The park is around 5 mins from central Rotorua by car or we took the local bus which was very very easy. There is a bus stop very close to the park.

We loved seeing the Kiwi here and were so impressed with the conservation work that Rainbow Springs is doing to help save this iconic bird.
I’d highly recommend doing the behind the scenes tour , seeing the Kiwi chicks and that egg wriggling around was the highlight of the park for us.

Thanks to Rainbow Springs for having us as always opinions are all my own.


  1. It’s so good that they have a breeding program. I wonder how many they hatch a year?

  2. Charlie George Reply

    It looks really interesting and seems like it would hold childrens attention.

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