Phuket is known for its stunning beaches and they are simply gorgeous but Phuket is also host to enough family friendly activities aside from the beaches to keep your kids happy. Phuket is also a haven for families wanting some fun and sun.

Is Phuket suitable for single parent travel holidays?

Phuket is perfect for single parent travel. Phuket is filled with family tourists so you will fit right in. Phuket has a bunch of great family geared resorts which cater perfectly to families  of all varieties. English is widely spoken and a great range of family friendly activities are offered in Phuket. We made friends with more other travelling families in Phuket than we have in any other destination. My son found friends to swim with in the pool at the hotel everyday.

Are any extra documents required for Single Parent Travel?

I’ve heard rumours of Thai immigration asking other parents for proof of both parents consent to enter Thailand so have a letter prepared but I was not asked any questions. (obviously, always check current advice and restrictions with the embassy for yourself) I have never been asked to provide any documentation other than passports. I always recommend travelling with a letter from your child’s absent parent giving consent for the travel and or court orders showing you have sole decision making rights. In Phuket I was not asked to present these documents.

What reaction do single parent travellers get?

I received a really positive reaction to being on my own with my son in Phuket. People we encountered seemed delighted we were there by ourselves and would reassure me Thailand is very safe for families. 2 staff members in different cafes shared their own stories of being single mothers. We felt embraced for our family type.

Have I ever felt uncomfortable?

No, we wandered markets and streets at night, we ate out at restaurants late in the evening (and even spotted a baby elephant on our walk).

We felt really comfortable at all times. Even when we took a wrong turn and got lost I never felt worried.

Travel Budget;

Thailand is cheap! Phuket is more expensive than other areas of Thailand but still a bargain holiday destination.
You can find great deals on resort style accommodation with kids pools and waterslides or playgrounds. Many resorts have a kids club so you can take time out to have a massage or shop alone if you wish.

Food is very cheap, if you eat local food its even cheaper. Activities are reasonably priced although some are steep by Thai standards. Tuk Tuks are in abundance and a cheap way to get around the island.

A great holiday can be had in Phuket for a budget price. There are options in every price bracket so whether you want to pay $30 or $300 per night Phuket will have an option to suit.


Phuket is a great family holiday destination and that includes single parent families. The Thai people love children and will embrace your family.

Choose your area of Phuket wisely the areas vary hugely in noise and craziness levels some areas are quieter and others lacking in food options for fussy eaters etc. We like the Kata and Karon areas more that the hectic Patong beach but that’s just my opinion.


  1. Matt Janko Reply

    Love phuket we are moving there for six months. Wahoo!!

  2. Lynette Omeara Reply

    Is the shopping cheap. Do they have clothes for kids do you know?

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