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Malaysia is a great holiday destination for single parent families. There are such a range of different experiences on offer in Malaysia from the wilds of Malaysian Borneo to the beaches of Langkawi to the frenetic bargaining in Chinatown KL.

Malaysia also offers options for all budgets and styles of travel.

Now to the single parent part.

Is Malaysia suitable for single parent holidays?
I see absolutely no reason for being on your own to stop you choosing Malaysia for your family holiday.

I have travelled on my own with my son repeatedly in Malaysia since he was 3 and have never felt like it was anything but a great idea.

Are any extra documents required for Single Parent Travel?

I have encountered no problem with entering Malaysia on my own with my child. (obviously, always check current advice and restrictions for yourself) I have never been asked to provide any documentation other than passports. I always recommend travelling with a letter from your child’s absent parent giving consent for the travel and or court orders showing you have sole decision making rights. In Malaysia I have never been asked to present these documents.

What reaction do solo parent travellers get:

Malaysians WILL ask where your partner is ALL the time. Most taxi drivers will want to know, strangers will want to know, hotel staff will want to know. Its up to you what you say. I generally say ‘at work’ or something similar as it ends that conversation. I don’t think its judgement I just think they are curious, they also ask constantly why I only have one child so its just a curiosity.

Have I ever felt uncomfortable?

Very very rarely. I have walked KL at night and felt completely comfortable and safe, I’ve taken public transport, we have gone where ever we wanted. I have received unwanted attention only once; a quick comment from a cab driver nothing that any woman on her own wouldn’t encounter anywhere in the world. Malaysia feels very safe I have never encountered any problems.

Travel Budget;

Malaysia offers great and numerous options no matter what your budget.

Several budget airlines service Malaysia too making getting around cheap. Check out Air Asia, Fire Fly and Malindo. Malaysia can also be reached by inexpensive local bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru or even by luxury coach to Kuala Lumpur.

Luxury hotels can be had for a fraction of the cost of hotels at home.


Malaysia has so much to offer visiting families. See Orangutans before they disappear, visit Legoland, feed a Mouse Dear, laze on a beach. Malaysia is perfect for single parents. We come back time and time again and will continue to do so. Put it on your list!

In an unfamiliar destination book a hotel that has room service or is connected to a shopping mall then if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unfamiliar on arrival meals are easy to acquire and stress free. Both the Sunway Putra Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and the KSL Hotel in Johor Bahru are connected to shopping centres.

I wear a wedding ring on my travels in Malaysia, I find it helps deter some attention and awkward questions.

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  1. Love those Twin towers. Is there still a pewter place in KL

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Yes there is a pewter factory outside KL. I love the towers too, they are stunning at night.

  2. Softie Jones Reply

    You are very brave. Im a bit scared to travel by myself let alone with kids

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi there,
      I really really enjoy travel with my son so for me its not a matter of being brave it’s just doing what I love. How about starting with a small trip like a weekend away in your home state then another slightly longer trip within your home country?

  3. Fiona Morgan Reply

    Did youhave to dress differently or cover your head or anything like that

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Fiona,
      I always dress very conservatively in Malaysia or any predominantly Muslim destination out of respect so I have my shoulders covered and no short shorts or skirts. I don’t cover my head unless we are going to a mosque or temple or somewhere that requires it. I find maxi type dresses the best and then a shawl or cardigan BUT, having said all that I see travellers all the time in very skimpy clothing but for me its a matter of cultural respect and I wouldn’t feel comfortable dressing like that. Any questions just shout I’m happy to help

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