Let’s face it, theme parks generally aren’t known for their outstanding food choices but we were pleasantly surprised to learn Ocean Park theme park offers a unique dining experience for park guests.

Tuxedos restaurant directly overlooks the penguin enclosure so diners have a front row view to these cute little creatures. Enjoy lunch with penguins splashing past, see their underwater antics and even watch them being fed.

I chowed down on a simple snack of chips, vegetable soup and several serves of caffeine. Our food was served very quickly with kids meals given priority. The staff were efficient and helpful and any request was quickly attended to.

Adult set meals were priced around the $300HK Dollars mark. While prices at Tuxedos aren’t cheap, the experience and the air con are worth splashing the cash.

If you’re visiting Ocean Park, make this your lunch venue.


    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Hi Sonya,
      They close around 6pm so you could get in an early dinner?

  1. What a great idea and penguins are so funny to watch. All with good food and thank heavens ……coffee!!!!

    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      Yes this mama cant function without coffee!!
      They were super cute to watch, glad we got to see feeding time too

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