This is our second visit to Legoland Malaysia. You can read about our first in Legoland at 4 years old. On this visit my son was 6 and it was the perfect age to visit.

He was so super excited about the Ninjago puppet show plus he was tall enough for many of the rides and his love for Lego has certainly increased over the past 2 years.

The park has improved since our last visit, trees are growing to provide some much needed shade and misting fans have been added in many areas, as well as the Legoland Waterpark being opened.

On our visit crowd levels were minimal, we were able to walk on almost any ride we wanted and on occasion could simply stay on a ride repeatedly. Our longest wait time for a ride was less than 5 minutes.

The Wandering child loved meeting some of the Lego characters throughout the park (especially Darth Vader and Kai from Ninjago.) Character meet and greets are listed on signs at the front of the park however on our visit the signs gave out conflicting information on times so double check.

There is no denying it is hot here so be at the park for opening time and make the most of the cooler morning hours. We like to alternate outdoor attractions and indoor air conditioned ones to cool down. The Ninjago puppet show and the Star Wars Miniland provide some much needed Air Con time, as do the 4d shows in the cinema.

If the park is quiet you can absolutely see and do everything in a one day visit but we were able to fill a second day happily with numerous repeat rides on our favourites and catching all of the 4d movies.

Food prices in the park are very reasonable for a theme park or if you prefer to leave the park for lunch there are a group of shops and restaurants (mostly fast food style) at the entrance to Legoland or the buffet Bricks restaurant in the Legoland Hotel.

It can be hard to get past all the merchandise shops without your little one begging. Prices for Lego sets are much the same as retail prices at home but they did have some awesome sets we hadn’t seen before and great discounts on some of their clothing ranges so well worth a look.

Be sure to wear a hat and sunblock and keep little ones hydrated. Its super easy to overheat here.

We cant wait to go back and see what’s new on our next visit. To really top off your visit, stay at the adjacent Legoland hotel; its amazing!


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