Malaysia is home to Asia’s first Legoland theme park. Legoland Malaysia is located in Johor Bahru a short drive from Singapore. (In a future blog post I will detail the options you have for getting to JB from Singapore)

We arrived at the park early, around 30 minutes before it opened, we purchased our tickets and had a wander around before lining up around 15 minutes before opening. We visited during school term so it was reasonably quiet. If you can time your visit to Legoland Malaysia to miss Singaporean and Malaysian school holidays this is recommended, the theme park is very popular and waiting times get very high.

I had worked out on the map the area with rides most likely to be suitable for my sons age so as soon as we were in we headed quickly in that direction; by not dawdling, we managed to go on our first 5 rides with no queue whatsoever, we were the first people to ride on 4 of the rides and we even managed a second go on the planes in Lego City area all without waiting even a minute. From that point on short lines started to develop, but for the whole day our longest wait time was around 5 minutes (except the wait for a taxi which was MUCH longer that this.)

There are a good variety of rides for a range of ages and the Lego constructions in Miniland are amazing. We were not able to visit the Legoland Waterpark on our visit and I think this would greatly improve the experience, the heat was quite prohibitive on our visit so to be able to cool off in the water park area would very welcomed.

As well as being colourful and great family fun, Legoland is also incredibly inspiring for little ones, my son could not believe the things he might be able to create with Lego after seeing Miniland and the Lego statues around the park.

Would we visit again? absolutely, Legoland will be a regular addition to our future Singapore stopovers.

Some tips:

Coupons; before you embark on your trip have a look around online for discount coupons you can print and take with you for cheaper entry. We saved 30% off our entry prices by doing this.

Food prices: I was really surprised (pleasantly) at the price of food in the park, although expensive compared to local food else where in JB the Legoland Malaysia prices really weren’t exorbitant in comparison to most theme parks we’ve visited.

The Weather; We visited in October and it was HOT HOT HOT and then WET WET WET. Arrive early, be there when the park opens to make the most of the coolest part of the day and take a rest at some of the indoor attractions during the heat of the day. Many of the outdoor attractions are forced to close in wet weather so if your day of visit is looking really gloomy perhaps put it off until the next day.  Carry an umbrella to shade yourself or for the rain storms.

Bring: Frozen drinks, a fan for the stroller, hats, sunscreen and umbrellas. I froze our drink bottles in our hotel freezer and carried this with us, they kept us cool throughout the morning without having to buy water at park prices and my son actually sat his in the stroller with him to keep him cool. Many people had small fans clipped on their child’s stroller and there were some novelty ones available for purchase in the gift shops. If you are travelling with quite small children I would recommend and umbrella for shade on your pram.



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