My son has never seen snow, he is lucky enough to have lived in tropical climates for most of his life. This year we are in Melbourne for winter so the time has come.

After considering our nearest snow field options I decided Lake Mountain was the best choice for us. I’ve never driven in the snow so I opted to take the super convenient Snow Bus from Marysville.

We shopped in advance for our snow gear so we were ready and raring to go. Our weekend arrived and the forecast for snow was positive.

Toboggan hire is available on the mountain and skiing lessons can be arranged. There are 3 toboggan runs starting very small for the young ones or very beginners and then a bumpy ride and third a longer down hill run. We were in a group with 6 children and they all enjoyed the toboggan runs. Definitely arrive early and hit the toboggan runs first as they fill up and get crowded by lunch time.

After our fill of tobogganing (and falling over) we headed to the snow man making area before hitting up the cafe for a hot chocolate and snacks. Prices of food on the mountain are a bit on the high side but not overly extortionate. I would recommend taking snacks with you so you only need spend your cash on the main meals.

Predictably, my son loved the snow. Lake Mountain is a great option if you’re wanting to take the kids to the snow from Melbourne, it’s a very family friendly snow field and possible as a day trip.

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