We have just come back from The Wandering Child’s very first snow trip. Having lived in warm climates for a long time, I have never driven in snow. I have no idea about snow chains, black ice, any of it. So I did some Googling and discovered that there is a snow bus that operates from Marysville in Victoria to the snowfields at Lake Mountain. Sounded like my cup of tea!

The fares for the bus were reasonable $25 per child for a return trip and $35 per adult or a family for $99.  There are several buses a day so you can book in the timing that best suits your family. The bus is a small bus with 27 seats so be sure to book in advance. There are seat belts on the bus and with an experienced driver behind the wheel felt much safer than me having no clue about snow driving.

The bus left on time, it was warm and cozy another bonus was that we didn’t have to search for car parking on the packed mountain in the peak mid winter season. The biggest plus for me on taking the bus over driving was, I was able to enjoy my sons awe and excitement as he saw the first patches of snow and got more and more excited rather than having to focus on the driving.

Highly recommend the Lake Mountain Snow Bus, I know how I’ll be getting up the mountain in future.


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