Singapore zoo’s Jungle Breakfast is a great way to start your day at this beautiful zoo.

Breakfast is a huge buffet featuring all your breakfast faves from pancakes to eggs, to fresh fruits and delicious pastries, the food is of really great quality, quantity and delicious, but let’s face it, we aren’t here for the food alone.

Jungle Breakfast has some very special guests each morning; zoo keepers start by bringing a couple of reptiles out to meet those people that are game enough to line up for a photo. Before long the star attractions begin to arrive for their breakfast.  Some Orangutans wander in and others swing in on overhead ropes.

On the morning we attended around 7 or 8 Orangutans came to munch on breaky with us. The number of Orangutans each morning varies as apparently its at the discretion of the Orangutans whether they come to breakfast or not (I love this!)

Each group of people is invited up for a photo in front of the Orangutans while handlers feed them fruit. Its lovely just sitting at your table mere meters away from Orangutans eating your own breakfast as they snack on theirs. Watching the cheeky antics of the babies was a huge highlight of our zoo trip.

We were really fortunate to get a great table directly in front of the Orangutans so it pays to arrive early to get a great table.

Don’t splash your cash on a pricey hotel breakfast, spend it here instead and go home with great memories!

Prices for Jungle Breakfast are $35 (Singapore dollars) for adults and $25 for kids aged between 6 and 12.

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