We’ve just come back from a great visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. We visited several years ago but there are loads of changes being made, new attractions in the works and now Star Wars has taken over Tomorrowland.

My little Jedi was super excited to learn that Jedi Training Academy is now offered at Hong Kong Disneyland for 4-12 year olds and he would have a chance to fight the dark side.

Registration for Jedi Training academy opens as soon as the park opens and is held at the Space Traders shop in tomorrowland. The shows begin from 12.30 and there are 5 shows per day. Places are limited so try register early to avoid missing out on a space in the show.  On park opening we went on 3 rides and then went to register and we still had the pick of all shows to participate in.

On our first day in the park I noticed by 1pm signs had been put up to say all shows were full. On our second day in the park (a rainy, mid week day) places didn’t fill until much later in the afternoon.

Tips; This show may be cancelled in the rain as the stage becomes wet. If your show is cancelled rush straight back to Space Traders to try register for a later show. Be quick as all the participants from your original show will be rushing back to try re-register also .

When our first show was cancelled I contemplated giving a later show a miss but we were so happy we stuck around and waited. Jedi Training was one of the absolute highlights of The Wandering Child’s visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. He love love loved getting a chance to fight Darth Vader.  The dialogue for the show is mostly in Cantonese but it really didn’t effect our enjoyment of the show, cast members switched to English when they were giving my son instructions and then back to Cantonese for other children. The kids look so cute in their Jedi robes.

Photo tip: Mums and dads sit towards the left side of the stage (as you face toward the stage) to be able to take photos of your little one’s face as they fight the bad guys. From the right side (as you face the stage) you will get mostly photos of the back of their head.

My son loved being part of the action and one of the stars of the show if you have a Star Wars fan put Jedi Training Academy high on your list of must do activities.


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