Hells Gate RotoruaLocated approximately 15 minutes from central Rotorua is Hells Gate Geothermal Park. We visited the park last week for a date with some mud.

We were collected from our hotel by the free shuttle and headed out to the park.

On arrival visitors can join a guided tour or wander through the park on their own.

We took the guided tour and learned a lot about the formation of the park, saw hot water water falls, a mud volcano and even a geothermal pool in the shape of Australia. Our guide was really informative and engaged well with my son. We both really enjoyed the walk through the park.

There may have been a slight mud fight and its distinctly possible I did not win!

The mud pools are lovely and warm and feel surprisingly nice. The mud is really fine and smotth and feels lovely on your skin.

We slathered ourselves in the mud and soaked for around 20 minutes. The staff very kindly offered to take some pics of us in our messy state.

We loved this experience. Its great fun for kids to see adults get messy and muddy and to have fun assisting mum to get filthy, it also left us feeling relaxed, sleepy and our skin felt amazing!

If you get the chance, do visit Hells Gate and experience the mud bath with your kids. Its great fun and therapeutic to boot.

Thanks to Hells Gate for hosting our visit. We can’t wait to return.

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