Do give the MTR option a try even if you aren’t a confident public transport user, Hong Kong’s rail system is extremely easy to master and user friendly. I find it easier to get around Hong Kong on the MTR than I find public transport in my home town.

Trains are clean and very efficient. The longest we ever waited for a train was 5 minutes at a non peak time.

The cost of the train is a bargain compared with taxis. Our one taxi ride from Disneyland to our hotel was $180 Hong Kong dollars versus the train trip costing $23 for an adult and $11.50 per child.

There is one further reason to take the train to to Disneyland, the train from Sunny Bay to Disneyland Resort is adorable. Seeing the excitement on the faces of kids (big and small) makes this journey worthwhile. The windows are Mickey Mouse shaped, grab handles are mickey shaped and each carriage has Disney statues. Its a gorgeous way to start the Disney day and get in that magical mood before arriving at the park. My son LOVED the train!

Ticket machines are also really very easy to use, they are in English and Chinese. On the touch screen simply tap the station you would like to travel to (the Mickey Mouse logo is a give away) select how many tickets you would like by pressing the ‘multiple’ option and then pay. Machines accept both notes and coins. We did find some machines would not take a $100 note but we would simply move to the next machine.

Tip: As most MTR stations have multiple exits, on arriving into the MTR from your hotel take note of which exit number you have used to enter and make a note of it so you can find your way back!

Changing trains at Sunny Bay; All visitors to Disneyland arriving by train will need to change trains at Sunny Bay. This is really really easy. From the Tung Chung line you simply exit the train and cross to the platform opposite, there are plenty of signs (and most of the occupants of the train will be going in the same direction) The Disneyland platform is clearly marked with pink Disneyland line signs.

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland

Tip: If you are planning to get the MTR after the fireworks purchase your return ticket on arrival as there was a long queue for ticket machines after the fireworks.

After watching the fireworks we decided to cab it back to our hotel, we were able to get straight in a taxi with no queue and were back at our hotel (Rosedale Kowloon) in 20 minutes. The taxi cost $180 Hong Kong dollars.

Taxi Tip; take a business card from your hotel showing the name and or address in Chinese to give taxi drivers that aren’t positive where your hotel is

Please do give the MTR a try for getting to Hong Kong Disneyland, its the simplest fastest way to get around HK.

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