Johor Bahru or JB as its commonly known is a small city in Malaysia just a quick bridge ride away from Singapore.
The city is gaining in popularity for family visitors as home to Asia’s very first Legoland Theme Park.
We have visited Johor Bahru on 3 occasions 1 pre Legoland’s opening on our way to Borneo and the other 2 since the theme park opened.So what’s Johor Bahru like for family travellers or single parent travellers?I have never had any issue at all travelling in Johor Bahru and we have enjoyed our visits. There are several attractions that appeal to family visitors to the city; the obvious; Legoland and it’s water park but there is also an Angry Birds Activity Park, a small dinosaur water park at KSL and a Hello Kitty World which as well as the star of the show Hello Kitty, also features characters from popular kids shows such as Bob the Builder, Barney and Thomas the Tank Engine.


Johor Bahru’s hotels are much more reasonably priced than their neighbours in Singapore. Its easy to find bargain deals on rooms . We have stayed in 2 hotels in Johor Bahru;

Legoland Hotel

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