My son gets crazy excited about dinosaurs so when I heard Erth’s Dinosaur show was coming to town it was only natural that we would go. I purchased front row seats months and months ago and we have been eagerly waiting for the show ever since.

The Wandering Child loved Walking with Dinosaurs and every other dinosaur thing he has seen but not so much this. Firstly, let me say my son is 6 years old and understands that dinosaurs were vicious and not necessarily overly friendly but this show was fairly terrifying. There was a lot of talk about dinosaurs killing people, what to do if the dinosaur escaped, the fact that everyone in the front rows was going to be dead and there was not much hope for anyone else in the room to survive. My poor little guy was begging me to leave.  I was also under the impression the show would be more interactive with more children getting to touch the dinosaurs based on images I had seen online but only a few were called up to participate.

Of the children called up on stage to participate or ‘feed’ a dinosaur most were visibly shaking and one was openly bawling. Don’t get me wrong, there were good parts to the show, it started off really positively with some cute baby dinos and the gentle plant eaters, the puppeteers are amazing. But, I and my son felt too much was made out of how the dinosaurs were going to kill the audience. One poor girl even had a giant dragon fly trying to ‘crack through the top of her skull’ with a full description by the narrator about how it was going to eat her brains.  Yes, they are puppets but they are very lifelike puppets and about 30 seconds in the kids had forgotten they were puppets. The chance to pat the baby dinosaur puppet in the lobby after the show was the highlight for my son, he loved that part and I know he would have loved a toned down version of this show. 

If you go to see this show, be sure that your child is going to handle it and if there is any chance you think they may be afraid DO NOT sit in the front row, you will have giant meat eaters roaring within centimeters of your face, one even spits half digested (plastic) blood and guts on the head of an audience member in the front row….Lucky me!!

Take along older kids who are maybe ready for the Jurassic World type movies but smaller kids could probably give this a miss or book a seat near the exit door in case you need to make a quick getaway being chased by a large carnivore.

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