Dreamworld is a great place for kids, the big and the little but, there are height restrictions which can be upsetting to little ones if they have their heart set on a ride and cant use it because they are JUST under that ruler. Below are 5 of my sons favourite activites at Dreamworld from the mouth of a four year old of average height ;) 

5. The Wiggles… if your little one is a Wiggles fan then you need to ride The Big Red car ride. Also nearby are the Big Red Boat and Dorothy’s tea cup ride which often have shorter queues for them. The Big Red Car ride is by far the fave out of the 3 according to my little judge. You may also be lucky enough to find Dorothy or Wags or Captain Feathersword nearby for a cuddle and a photo. 

4. Watch the tiger show on Tiger Island.  No further explanation needed. If you arrive early you can get great seats at the nearby cafe on the deck and enjoy a rest and cool drink while you watch the show.

3. Thunder River Rapids. This is the scariest ride my son will go on. Minimum age is 2 when accompanied by an adult. The ride isn’t very scary but does jerk around a bit and does go through a small tunnel section where it is pitch black so if that’s going to terrify your little one don’t do it, but my 4 year old who is not very adventurous when it comes to rides loves this one and always asks for another go.

2. The Dronkeys ride. The Dronkeys Ride is by far the most popular for my son and its located right next to the Ogre Go Round Merry Go round making it easy to ride them both in quick succession AND repeat over and over again. These rides are both very gentle, The Dronkeys height is controlled from within your Dronkey by your child so is even suitable for those that are scared of heights as you need not be very far off the ground at all if you choose not to. If you hang around this area long enough you may even meet Shrek, Fiona or Puss In Boots nearby. 

1. The Madagascar show and photo opportunity! The Dreamworks Madagascar Live show is held in King Julien’s theatre. Show times can be found on the daily timetable handed out on entry to the park. Make sure you are in the theatre early or you wont get a seat. The show is great, its has the kids up dancing …..MOVE IT! The show lasts around 20 minutes and then the characters stay behind for quite a while for photos with the kids. You can choose to have photos done by the Dreamworld photographers to purchase or take your own. My son loves this show and as annual pass holders he has seen it plenty of times and it never seems to get old. 

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