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Concerned about what extra paperwork or documents for single parent travel might be needed for your international travel?

Many destinations have no additional requirements for a parent travelling alone with their child but other countries do have a formal requirement for a minor not travelling with both parents to have a letter from the absent parent giving consent for the travel. Some countries require these documents to be notarized/witnessed and with particular wording. Be sure to check the exact requirements for the country you are visiting to avoid delays or  problems at an airport.

Realistically, any immigration official anywhere can ask for proof that you are permitted to travel by the other non travelling parent. To avoid delays or problems I always travel with a signed consent letter from my sons father or a copy of court orders. In the event that getting written consent from the other parent is not possible, carry a copy of court orders showing you have sole decision making abilities for the kids.

Your consent letter should cover things like the dates you will be away, which countries you have consent to visit, that you have decision making ability in an emergency situation and the non travelling parents contact details. I am not a lawyer and this post is based solely on my own travel experiences as a single parent.

Below is the wording I use in my consent letter feel free to alter it for your own use.  (I generally get witnessed by a police officer, a teacher or a notary etc) Happy Travels!

International Travel Consent

I, __________________  state that I am the Mother/Father and shared legal guardian of:

Child ____________________ Date of birth ___________________ (born) in ________________(state) and _______________(country)

______________________(child’s name) has my consent to travel with __________________, (name)

________________(relationship to child)

This consent is for travel starting on  ___________ (date)  to go to _____________ (countries)

and returning on _____________.

I authorize __________________ (travelling parent), to make any emergency medical decisions on our

behalf, in the event that I cannot be reached.

I authorize ________________, (travelling parent) to make arrangements for all modes of travel, and any itinerary

changes as necessary.


__________________ (name)


________________ (contact details)

Witness Signature


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