Batu Caves is a Hindu shrine located outside Kuala Lumpur. There are many operators offering day tours to the caves but you honestly don’t need to spend the money on a day tour, you can easily reach the caves on your own.

Trains operate from KL’s Sentral station to Batu Caves station. The trains are very clean and comfortable. Trains do offer women’s only carriages so make sure you are in the correct carriage (mothers with children are permitted). Batu Caves train station is located 8 stops from KL Sentral the train takes just under half an hour to reach Batu Caves station. Once off the train you will be able to see the top of the statues located at the caves so don’t worry about not knowing where to walk. Follow the crowd towards the caves.

On the left hand side you will first come to a giant statue of Hanuman at the entrance to Ramayana cave (admission is 5MYR) statues inside the cave depict the story of the legend of Rama. This cave is an easy walk for little ones as it is on ground level. (More pics of Ramayana cave below)

After Ramayana Cave, keep walking and you will soon see the giant golden statue of Lord Murugan; a Hindu deity. This gold statue is over 40 meters high and presides over the steps up to the cave. There are 272 steps up to the cave and they are very steep! My 6 year old managed the steps but was very hot and cranky by the top. Kids that are much younger than this would most likely need to be carried. Cheeky monkeys line the steps hoping to steal food and drinks so make sure your children are not carrying anything to eat or drink or they will be  harassed by the monkeys.

Drinks are available for purchase at the top of the stairs (at inflated prices)and you will need something to cool you down. My son loved seeing the inside of a cave and the view from the top was nice and he felt very proud of himself having made it up the steps.

Restaurants at the base of the stairs are mostly all Indian food and there may not be much to cater for fussy tastes so best to eat before you come if that’s the case in your family. Entry to the caves is free but there are donation buckets scattered about the area.

As this is a temple you will need to dress respectfully. Sarongs are available for hire at the bottom of the stairs.



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