Agrodome RotoruaFirst stop on our Rotorua trip was to visit the Agrodome, a working farm with awesome interaction experiences available for kids (and big kids).

The Agrodome is around 15 minutes out of town and we caught the local bus which was super easy and efficient, the bus drops you right outside the gate of Agrodome and on the way back collects you on the other side of the road.

We were really keen to see some of New Zealand’s famous farming country and meet the farm animals.
The Agrodome offers a stage farm show which was the highlight for us. The show includes sheep shearing, cow milking, the sheep dogs and even a sheep auction. There are plenty of laughs and opportunities for audience participation so get ready to put your hand up.

The absolute hands down highlight for the little guy was getting to go up on stage to feed a young lamb from a bottle.

Agrodome Rotorua
Once the show concludes the audience are welcome up on stage to give the sheep a pat and interact with the sheep dogs. There is also a nursery area where kids can pat some baby animals located in the same building.

After the stage show there is a sheep dog demonstration held outside.Agrodome Rotorua.

Next we joined a tractor pulled farm tour around the working farm. We stopped to feed the sheep and the Alpacas which the little guy loved! This experience is a must for city kids that haven’t had much exposure to farms and farm animals.

There are also stunning views over Rotorua and the lake from the Alpaca paddocks
Agrodome Rotorua.
Before the tour concluded we were able to taste Kiwi juice from the farm and the local honey.

My son thought the farm show was HILARIOUS and would have gone back for another show if permitted.

Definitely stop by and check out the Agrodome on your Rotorua trip.You can get great deals if you combine your Agrodome ticket with a Rainbow Springs ticket so you can visit the Kiwi birds too.

The Agrodome is simple to get to whether you are driving or on public transport.Bring a jacket with you, it was a little cloudy on our trip and we felt chilly while on the tractor tour.

We really loved this experience and I would urge families to check it out. Thanks to the Agrodome for hosting us, as always all opinions are my own.


    • The Wandering Mum Reply

      It was great fun. The show was hilarious and we loved meeting, patting and feeding some of the animals

  1. Its so good for kids to see a bit of farm life and interact with animals.

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