With the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland’s big sister in Shanghai we visited the park to check out why Hong Kong Disneyland should still be on your to do list.

Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Hong Kong Disneyland.


For Australian families HK Disneyland is one of the easiest to visit with frequent and afforadble flights from Oz to HK. Hong Kong is serviced by a number of budget airlines such as Air Asia, Scoot, Jetstar, HK Express meaning Aussies can get here for a total bargain. Flights from the Eastern States of Oz to HK take around 9 hours much faster than visiting the US Disney parks which require a mammoth flight commitment of around 15-16 hours.

No Visa required

Australians can enter Hong Kong for up to 3 months without a visa. Entry is super easy and hassle free (not to mention no added cost of visa fees)


English is very widely spoken in Hong Kong just about everyone speaks enough English to help you on your way if you get lost or need assistance.

Now that we’ve discussed the virtues of Hong Kong as a destination lets talk about the Disney specific benefits of HK Disneyland.


When our Aussie dollar is lagging miles behind the US  dollar tickets to the US parks can seem super exxy luckily our dollar is worth more in Hong Kong.

Tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland for a 2 day pass for adults will set you back $739 HKD which is around $125 Aussie dollars, compare this with California Disney’s $195 USD 2 day ticket which equates to approx $255 Australian dollars and you’ve saved yourself a bunch of cash just by staying closer to home, multiply the $130 saving per adult saving over a family and the saving become rather large.

Shanghai Disneyland tickets are approx $185 Aussie dollars for a 2 day ticket (on weekends) BUT child tickets at Shanghai Disneyland are priced by height and not age the cut off for child tickets is 1.4m so you may end up paying full adult price for a 7 year old which stings a bit.


We visited Hong Kong mid week and were delighted to find the crowd levels weren’t bad at all. At 2 in the afternoon we were still able to walk on some rides with less than a 5 minute wait time (this resulted in me having to ride Buzz Lightyear 18 times in a day….help me!!).

The rides we walked on to with no wait time were some of the popular favourites which on our Shanghai Disney trip had wait times in excess of an hour such as Dumbo and Pooh Bear. I was really really pleasantly surprised with queue times. On our second day of visiting the park we arrived on opening and were again able to ride 8 rides within an hour of opening.

Having just returned from Shanghai Disneyland let me tell you, this is a luxury rarely experienced in the other Asian Disneyland parks.

Ok so Hong Kong Disneyland is small, but I actually love that fact when with young kids. At Shanghai Disneyland we walked a gazillion kilometres (yes a gazillion) HK Disneyland is compact and you spend less time walking between lands and more time enjoying them.

Autographs & Photographs

Cast members at Hong Kong Disneyland are only too happy to sign their autograph for kids. Neither of the other Asian Disney parks provides character autographs. All of the cast members we encountered at Character meet and greets in HK Disneyland were so generous with taking pics on peoples phones and own cameras as well as the Photopass photographers. We never even had to ask, as soon as we approached a character, a staff member would offer to take snaps with our phones etc.

Hong Kong Disneyland is growing with the times with new additions. This year Star Wars has taken over Tomorrowland. You can meet Chewy and R2D2 and even be marched away by the Stormtroopers. The addition of Jedi Training Academy was also a super huge hit with my son and he cant wait to return to HK Disneyland in the future once the new Iron Man ride is open.

One huge bonus for Aussie visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland over the other Asian parks is that the shows are mostly in English or both English and Cantonese. Many shows in the other parks are not in English, while this obviously doesn’t stop us enjoying the shows in other Disneyland parks, seeing the shows in English definitely added to the magic.

The live Lion King show is spectacular and is included free in your admission ticket. This show was amazing! The talent was spectacular and the songs are still stuck in my head.

If you’re a single parent looking for an easy Disneyland adventure, Hong Kong Disney would be a great park to start with. HK is super easy to travel for single parents and perfect for any family to visit.

We love Hong Kong and their great Disney park. We will certainly be back.

Did I mention Hong Kong Disneyland is building a new hotel?……book me in


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